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KouakOS Is Easy-To-Use HTTP File Sharing Server In Heterogeneous LAN

In large heterogeneous network environment, it’s often required to install a bunch of services and applications on server(s) and client systems to seamlessly transfer data. Since it becomes quite a wearisome task to first install each file sharing related package on system running different OS, you must be seeking a simple way to access other computers connected over network without having to set up FTP server prior to send and respond to data transfer requests. KouakOS is an open source application offering a portable HTTP file server.

With KouakOS, you set up a server by just specifying the folder / file you want to share with others. Once added, click Share to start the HTTP server. It shows internal network IP to let clients, running different OS, access your shared folder, along with external / public IP to access shared folder over the internet.

kouakOS 1

If you want to share files and folders with one of the client connected in your LAN, just share the local IP to let him/her access files and folders contained inside the specified folder.

access files

KouakOS works on all version of Windows. It must be noted that it is in beta testing phase, so you may face some file access related problems while running the HTTP server. We did not face any such problem.

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