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Kurst Creates Powerful Flash-Based 3D Photo Galleries For Your Website

Inserting a HTML-based photo-slider/carousal takes not less than re-designing the whole web page. Kurst is an Adobe Air application which lets you design photo sliders and export them into SWF (Flash-based Shockwave) format for seamless integration. Unlike previously covered Wow Slider, it allows users to not only design carousels but can be used to design image Coverflows, Grids, and Strips.

Moreover, it offers a long list of effects with each type of Image Gallery that can be applied over the customized gallery. With Kurst, designing photo galleries is dead simple, it supports simple drag & drop behavior to populate the list with images with an on-the-fly image resizing abilities to fit the width and height dimensions of your web page.

To begin, insert images into the main interface via drag & drop. Once inserted and resized, click Preview button present at the top of the window to start applying effects.

kurst 2

By default, it lists down all the effects for Coverflow type at the right sidebar. Image Gallery type can be changed either by clicking respective type settings or by choosing one from the Gallery Type pull-down menu present underneath the image. To apply effects, just select the type of gallery followed by a click on effect listed on the right side.

kurst 3

Gallery background along with effects styles can be changed in numerous ways. It shows all the possible combinations of colors and styles which can be inserted and applied over the image slider. To change color and Camera Fov, click Settings, it will show the color palette to choose color of your choice. If you need to apply a specific color texture in background instead of a solid color, click Load background and specify an image file to be used as background.


A click on Advance button will let you tweak with each effects of an applied Gallery type. If, for instance, you’ve chosen Grid type, you can change each image gallery related options and effects, such as, Scale, number of rows, spacing,  animation time, speed and so on.


After you’ve done editing the gallery, simply click Export to save the customized Image Gallery in both HTML and SWF format. Depending upon the SWF file height and width dimensions, you will just need to define a class in your web page to integrate the image gallery. Kurst works on all OS platforms where Adobe Air is installed.

Download Kurst

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