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LangOver – Convert Text Between Different Languages [Keyboard Layout]

At first you must be wondering this must be another language converter, but LangOver actually solves a unique problem. When you buy a laptop and the keyboard layout comes out to be in some other language than English, what will you do? When you type something the text will obviously be written in some other language.

Suppose you bought a laptop from Dubai and the keyboard layout came out to be Arabic, now when you type some text it will be written in Arabic, how will you convert it to English? To solve this problem LangOver provides a hotkey F10, simply hit this key and the language will be converted from Arabic to English.


I don’t find how this can be useful to most people since they can easily change the layout to English keyboard, but this will sure come handy to those who work with two different keyboard layouts. The program itself has no interface and works from the system tray.

Download LangOver

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. We tested it successfully on Windows 7 as well. Enjoy!

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