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LanLights Adds Dynamic Network Icon And Check Host/IP Conflicts

Windows Vista and Windows 7 icon sets are well designed and look much nice when compared with icon set in previous OS Versions. The Windows 7 Net Connection icon in  system tray is static and not reveal any sort of internet activity. The screen tip is also of no use as it only states ‘Internet Access’. If you’ve recently moved from XP or Windows 98, you must be looking for that dynamic network icon which flashes on any sort of internet activity and show information like byte sent and received. LanLights not only adds flashy network icon in system tray, it also include lot of other features and options to manage and view internet traffic details.

You can also view the internet activity visually as it graphs each internet activity process in multiple interfaces. The Interface Activity tab has four types of graphs; Received, Sent, Processor Load and Memory Usage. Though latter versions of Windows include this network monitoring graph in task manager but it allows user view different net connection processes separately.


Under Internet Status tab, you can view all the information regarding the different network parameters such as; MTU (Max transmission unit), Physical address, Administrative status, and lot more. Under Tools menu, it features Ping/Resolve Hostname. You would need to mention IP to Hostname and Host to IP for checking the conflict and you can also Ping hostname and IP address.

ping resolve hostname1

As its name generally emphasize on lights, it includes all the previous version network icons. you can easily switch to Windows 98 network icon and create your own dynamic icon set.


It runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download LanLights

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