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MouseWrangler: Launch Applications & Replace Lengthy Hotkeys With Mouse Gestures

Ever wanted to use a simple mouse gesture application that doesn’t force you to draw complex shapes to perform the tasks? MouseWrangler lets you associate the combination of 4 simple mouse movements, including right, left, up, and down with defined hotkey (single or multiple keystrokes) to perform any application-specific action, as well as with application executable to launch it by drawing the mouse gesture. You can use the application to quickly open an associated file or application, and run an exhaustive hotkey combination for any application. All you need is to map the mouse directions with hotkey or application executable file to use the gesture for performing the required tasks. Moreover, the application saves all the mouse gesture related information in INI file, allowing you to share your mouse gesture list with others. Unlike other mouse gesture applications, it allows setting minimum length required to draw a gesture, drawing speed, and distance required to detect a mouse gesture.

The application also includes diagonals mouse gestures to extend the number of mouse gesture actions. By default, diagonal mouse gesture mode is disabled, but can be enabled from Configuration dialog. You can also enable auto-correction option to automatically correct diagonal mouse gestures and perform the action accordingly. It includes a scratchpad to help users draw gesture in a situations where a mouse gesture stops working on a specific application. The scratchpad window can be brought up from right side of the screen for drawing and editing mouse gestures.

MouseWrangler operates from system tray. After launching the application, select Edit Gestures from system tray menu to create new gestures. Clicking New Gesture lets you map the combination of aforementioned directions with single keystroke, multiple keystroke, and application executable. Just pick the directions (left, right, up and down), specify the type of action (single/multiple keystroke or launch application) and then specify the action.

mouse gestures 3

Once the action is specified, it will add the gesture to main list. Similarly, you can create as many mouse gestures as you want. The right-click context menu allows you to edit gesture, associated action, and deleting the mouse gesture.

mousewrangler main

As mentioned earlier, it enables you to set the speed, length and distance of mouse gestures, so that you can easily draw the gestures to perform the associated actions. The Configuration console includes settings for Gestures, Help Popup, Scratchpad, and Diagonals.


From Diagonals window, you can activate diagonals mouse gestures, which will add 4 additional directions. It also lets you enable suggestion popups and auto-correction feature to assist you in drawing the diagonal mouse gestures.

diagonal mouse gesture

Performing an action associated with mouse gesture is easy. Just draw the mouse gesture while holding right-click mouse button, and it will show a small arrow, indicating the any mapped action can be performed.

Addictive Tips - mouse gesture 1

MouseWrangler certainly provides an easy way to create, edit and map mouse gesture actions. If you don’t want the fuss of having to draw difficult mouse gestures and then map them with required actions, give this application a shot. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 64-bit edition.

Download MouseWrangler

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