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Launch Your Applications/Programs Quickly With LaunchBar Commander

If you have tons of useful applications and programs that you use frequently, accessing them all is quite a difficult task. Putting them all as a desktop shortcut can make your desktop look cluttered. There are hundreds of tools that allow you to launch programs quickly. Recently I came across such a tool called LaunchBar Commander. At first I thought it was just another tool, but surprisingly it came out to be more than what I expected.

It is a highly customizable application launcher, I will explain few of it’s basic features here that most of people will find useful.

After you run the program it will display the default Launch bar on the top.

launcher bar

Basically I don’t like this bar on the top side, I am more comfortable if it is hanging on the right side of the desktop. Moving it is a little tricky but easy, simply right-click the bar and select Toggle Docking. Now drag it to the right side of the desktop or anywhere where you feel more comfortable.

right program bar

To add a program in this Launch bar, simply drag and drop the application. If you don’t want it hanging out in the desktop you can right-click it and select Minimize to System Tray. This will bring it down to the system tray with full functionalities like before.

To access programs click the icon in the system tray and it will show you the full list of programs.

launch bar system tray

To add a new program or a new dock, right-click the icon in the system traybar and select Preferences. Play with it for a few minutes and you will be able to figure out the cool features yourself. Enjoy!

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