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LD Move Lets You Move And Copy Files With Pause/ Resume Functions

Copying and moving files between hard discs, partitions, thumb drives, SD-cards or other storage mediums, is one of the most frequent tasks that we perform. Windows 8 has introduced itself with several new features and among them is a revamped move and copy files operation system, i.e., contrary to typical design found in prior versions of Windows, it also lets you pause and resume the copy process anytime you want, which is quite helpful in many ways. As this neat feature is not available in prior versions of the operating system such as it’s predecessor Windows 7, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a single choice. Among various third-party tools that provide Windows 8 like copy/paste functionality, LD Move is a worthy shot. It is a portable utility that provides an instant pause, resume and stop functionality for file copying process. Read on for further details.

The simple interface of the application lets you drag and drop files over its window, which you want to copy. You can sort the files by moving them up and down, which helps in sorting out the files you want to copy first and vice versa. The drop panel also tells you information regarding the files such as file Name, its directory Path, Size and process Status. If you simply want to move your files from one location to another rather than copying, just select Move in front of the file(s) that you want to move. Should you need to remove a file from the list, you may use the Delete button.

LD Move

Once you’re done with your selection, choose your destination folder and press Start to begin the copy or move process. Apart from pause, resume and cancel buttons, you may skip a file as well. Copy/Move process time may depend on the type of hardware you’re using, and/or number and size of the selected files, but in general, its quite fast and efficient.

Destination folder

Although the application is useful enough, it comes with a few bugs like sometimes, clicking the destination folder won’t respond at all, and the utility may copy your files into one directory ahead of the destination folder. I hope these bugs will be sorted out in the next update. All in all I found LD Move quite a handy substitute to the default windows file copier. The application was tested on Windows 7, but may also work on prior version of windows.

Download LD Move


  1. The destination button doens’t work when an item isn’t chosen. You have to chose the item to move, before pressing the destination button. The other issue I haven’t met yet, I try to see if I can replicate the issue.

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