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KeyRocket: Learn Hotkeys For Windows Explorer & Office Actions As You Perform Them

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to save a lot of time in performing repetitive tasks. There are a lot of hotkeys available for Windows, as well as individual programs, that enable you to save a lot of time. Some of these are already very well known, such as Ctrl + A to select all items in a document, and Ctrl + S to save the document; however, there are lots of useful keyboard shortcuts that people don’t know about. Previously, we have compiled lists of 30 Windows 7 hotkeys and 30 hotkeys for Windows 8, which feature some very useful, but often less-known, hotkeys. Using a hotkey to save time requires you to first remember the combination. If you go searching for the hotkey every time you have to use it, it beats the whole purpose of saving time, but its difficult to remember all the hotkeys all the time. KeyRocket is an application for Windows that recommends you to use keyboard shortcuts and suggests the ones you can use while you are working.

While using the computer, a lot of times, you don’t even realize how much time is getting wasted because of not employing the available hotkeys. For instance, if you want to open the Windows Explorer, you will have to create a desktop shortcut for it, or pin it to the taskbar, and click it every time you want to access it. Instead, you can also open the Windows Explorer pressing its Win + E hotkey on the keyboard. KeyRocket monitors how you use the computer, and if you are manually performing an action that can be done using a keyboard shortcut, it notifies you about the availability of the shortcut.

The application contains shortcuts for Windows Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. This shortcuts are listed with their Hotkey, Description, Potential (how useful they are) and Notify status (when to notify the user). Select the drop down menu named Explorer to select more applications for viewing their available hotkeys. You can also search for a particular shortcut by entering its name, or a part of its name, in the search bar.


Whenever you use a feature of the supported applications that can be performed using a hotkey, you will receive a notification prompting you to use the keyboard shortcut instead. The notification includes the shortcut key, its description and a bar depicting how much do you need to use the shortcut. If the bar is more to the left, it means that you use the feature very frequently without pressing the hotkey.

KeyRocket Notification

When you press the hotkey, another notification congratulates you on learning a new shortcut.

KeyRocket Learned

Right click the system tray icon to access program settings. You can turn the notifications On and Off, Upload Usage Data, Delete Log Files etc. It also shows you a visual history of the recently used shortcuts.

KeyRocket System Tray

The program also collects usage data about the number of Clicks Wasted, Shortcuts Used, Mastered Shortcuts, and a Keyboard Score.

KeyRocket Statistics

Watch the following video to learn how KeyRocket works.

KeyRocket works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download KeyRocket

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