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LeFeed Analyzes Your Facebook Preferences & Auto-Reorders Your Feed Accordingly [Web]

LeFeed is an intelligent web application that lets you view your Facebook feed in a unique way; it learns what kind of content you like as you browse Facebook, and suggests what it believes would interest you. After you log in to LeFeed via Facebook, it starts analyzing your interests, your friends’ interests and your usage statistics, allowing you to see important updates first. Additionally, it recommends new content and subjects to you. With it, you can view your feeds in a more organized manner, with less clutter, as content is arranged into different categories, such as photos, status updates, videos, links and more. You can also like/dislike posts, update your status on Facebook directly from LeFeed and filter posts by different categories.

To start off, simply click Sign in with Facebook and you will instantly be redirected to the app.


LeFeed will load your newsfeed from Facebook and display it under six different categories, overview, recommendation, link, photo, status and video. You will find a (+) and (-)  button for each post, which allows you to like or dislike it. Moreover, you can browse Facebook by clicking the different categories and also update your status directly from the application.


From Settings, you can select the types of feeds that you want to see, such as recommendations, links, photos, status and video. Other Settings allow you to enable the When I vote up a post on LeFeed, like it on Facebook automatically and Show photo and video thumbnails all the time on my news feed options.


LeFeed uses artificial intelligence to recommend content that users like to follow. It learns how you use Facebook and tries to figure out what type of content you like. With it, you can avoid spam posts that you don’t like, and filter content easily. Visit the link below and view your Facebook feed in a new and easy way.

Visit LeFeed


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