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Librarian Update Brings Bug Fixes & Option To Add Folders In Bulk

Among the plethora of features in Windows 7, one thing that really attracts me is the Libraries. Being its frequent user, i found it to be one of the robust and extremely useful features in Windows 7, which makes it easier to access and manage your Music, Videos, Documents and Pictures, all from within a single place. If you’re are a frequent AddictiveTips reader, then you must know have known that back in 2010, we reviewed a Windows 7 library manager called Librarian, which helps you conveniently manage Music, Videos, Documents and Pictures libraries. Along with existing, it also lets you add, edit and delete libraries as well as create new ones. Recently, the application received an update, fixing all the reported bugs such as crash on opening properties of empty libraries created with default Windows Explorer. Other than the bug and crash fixes, it can now allow you to add multiple folders at a time to Libraries. We went ahead to find out what changes the new update brought onto the table for us.

Upon launch, you will notice that the main interface of the application is same as before. But then again, why fix it if ain’t broken right? To create a new library, click the New Library button , followed by entering the library name in the miniscule dialogue window. Click OK to add your library.


Creating or deleting libraries aren’t the only things the application has up its sleeves, but you can also customize them. The configuration menu of the selected library lets you change its icon, select Library Type (default being the Generic) and Add folders to the library, which also shows the folder’s location on the disk.

New library

One of the obvious new changes is adding folders in batch, as you can now add multiple folders to specified library; you can select all the required folders, and add them to an existing or new library. Just navigate to the folder you wish to add, select it and then click Add Selected Folder button. When all folders are added to the list, click Add available at the bottom.

Add one or more folders to library

Overall we have found Librarian to be quite a useful utility if you’re a frequent libraries user. The newer update has now fixed various bugs and the new batch folder addition option is simply awesome. The application works on Windows 7, while supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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