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Lingoes Is Powerful Multilingual Dictionary And Translation Tool For Your Desktop

Lingoes is an intuitive search engine which primarily focuses on finding words definitions, contextual meaning of word in sentence, abbreviations, etc., with a list of famous services to translate an inserted text, including Google Translate, Yahoo Translation, Yahoo BebelFish, Click2 Translate, etc. Additionally, it comes with multitude of dictionaries, such as, Google Dictionary, WordNet Online, Spelling Suggestion, Google Web Definitions, and so on, which you can choose on the fly while searching for the meaning or explanation of the word/phrase/idiom. A great deal of complementary features is also bundled in the package to give out one complete solution to daily life numerical and word related problems. You can lookup for irregular verbs, abbreviations, install a list of appendixes for International dialing codes, Weights & Measure converter, International Time Zone converter, and many more.

The main interface is designed very carefully to provide all the features under different sections and categories. The left flank holds a list of words, which you can manually navigate or use the search bar to look up meaning of the word. A click on the word from the list shows basic meaning with its phonetic however you can look up for the explanation by double clicking the word to show results from all included dictionaries.


The main windows shows explanation/meaning of the search in question along with a bunch of features in the toolbar, you can use Microsoft text-to-speech engine to pronounce the selected word (Anna voice is enabled by default, you can install other voices too), and Text translation to translate a word/sentence/paragraph into almost any language.


Like the previously reviewed word-search engine Wikitup, it lets you quickly look up the meaning of the word in any text editor/program, all you need is to highlight the word and use Ctrl + right-click combination to view word meaning/explanation and translation.

text search

Under Appendices window, you will a find all the aforementioned tools with an option to download advance features. Click Option to customize appendices tools, you can add, modify and delete any of the included tool.

Lingoes- appendixes

The application itself is highly customizable, it lets user change the interface language, default online search engine, appearance – including word style, text font, font size, along with result display. You can choose a language to always translate into any specified language, furthermore you can register a hotkey for capturing a word and change all the related behaviors. Text-to-speech along with global hotkeys setting can also be changed from Configuration window.


Lingoes was tested on Windows 7 x86 system without showing any kind of bug. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Windows Vista/Windows 7.

Download Lingoes

If you’re looking for a portable minimalistic dictionary without any extra features, check out Dictionary. NET.

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  • Hm

    Maybe you should start giving credit to the source, where you found the link? How about that?

    • Please send me an email and explain the source in question. We will gladly link back.

  • dan

    I came across this last week, it is really really good if u need something like this, much better than the commercial crap that i wasted a week trying. It does take a while to setup, but thats the beauty of it, u can customise it to how u want it. It supports/detects your PC text-to-speech, so it can read out translations etc.