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Lingua.ly Teaches You English, French, Spanish, Arabic & Hebrew

Learning a new language online isn’t something new. We’ve seen tools like Duolingo that make the process easy and fun. And a quick search on Google will reveal a lot of similar techniques and methods, in the form of browser extensions, web and mobile apps, and well, whatnot. Lingua.ly is one such amazing tool that wants to make the entire web your language learning playground. It lets you know how well you know on particular language and then recommends different words and text to read and improve your skills from there on. Quizzes can also be taken from time to time to see the outcome of your efforts.

Lingualy Main

Lingua.ly is a multiplatform app, so no matter which browser or mobile device you have, it will work like a charm. The app uses natural language processing technology to help you with the language you want to learn. And currently supports French, English, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew.

To get started, you need to sign up for a new Lingua.ly account using your Facebook or Google account. Past that, you will need to choose the language that you want to learn from pertaining drop down menus, select word collection option (double click or Alt + double click) to continue.

Choose Language

Now lets take a closer look how it works. On Lingua.ly’s main dashboard you can navigate to its different features. The app provides a curated list of suggested material for your selected language. For instance, if you want to learn something related to technology, you can read a bunch of articles in French, Spanish or the language you want to learn. Another way of learning is by opting for a wordpack to enhance your vocabulary or even add your own words.


You can add a whole lot more different wordpacks to your arsenal, comprising different languages that you need to learn. You can add from simple to the more complex terms depending on your grip on that particular area. From the screenshot below, you can see that it lets you either add word packs or enter custom words if you want.

Word Packs

Another interesting bit is Lingua.ly’s ability to make you learn the new language using multiple senses, that is, your ears and eyes. It engages your ears through audio pronunciations of the words and your eyes with visual images. You can, of course, also read the words too.

Another way to learn is by manually adding the words from webpages you visit. When on a webpage, simply double-click on a word and Lingua.ly will automatically pick it up and display its translation as well as audio pronunciation, definition and synonyms etc. Words that are added to your database get highlighted in light-blue and bold text. Collecting the words will require you to install Lingua.ly’s Chrome extension to your browser.

Once past the learning stage, you can navigate to ‘Practice’ and Lingua.ly will ask you the meaning of some random word that you may have already learnt. It first asks you whether you have already learnt a particular word or not. Choose yes, and it will give you five seconds to tell its meaning from a set of given choices.


Overall, Lingua.ly provides a great new (and fun) way to learn a new language even when you’re just browsing the web. It’s easy to setup, simple to use and just works as it should.

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