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Liquesce Is Windows Drive Pooling Software Similar To WHS Drive Extender

Multiple drives can be often hard to manage as important pieces of data are scattered in a series of separate hard drives. Drive pooling is a good mechanism in such cases to view system drives, partitions and folders in a unified format for better management. Liquesce is a drive pooling application which has functionality similar to the Windows Home Server based Drive Extender. It allows merging hard drives and directories into a single representation within Windows Explorer. In other words, you can manage all your system drives, partitions and directories within a unified virtual drive with Liquesce. The supported drive formats for the storage pool include SATA, IDE, ESATA, FIREWIRE and USB.

You will require installing Dokan 0.6 for this Liquesce to work. The main interface displays management window, which is split into three areas, namely, The File System, Merge Points and Expected Output. The File System window displays potential sources for the merge points. Once you have selected a source, it can be dragged and dropped into the Merge Points area. For instance, you can drag and drop directories to merge them with a specific system partition. These Merge Points, can be reordered and deleted in case of a mistake. The order in this window is used to determines the preference order for filling the storage locations. Similarly, the Expected Output window, allows you to duplicate filenames (if any), in order to identify name conflicts.

Liquesce Mount Management

You can also use the system tray options to check for free space, opening the management console, checking backup consistency and opening the drop zone for dragging and dropping files.

System Tray

It must be noted that Liquesce is still in the Alpha stage and therefore, might suffer from functionality issues and is not recommended yet for a productive environment. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, provided you have .Net Framework 4 and Dokan 0.6 installed.

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