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List All Files In Folder By Extensions To Easily Move Or Delete Them

Finding files by their types in a directory is fairly simple in Windows 7, as you need to write extension name to list down all the file types in a specific folder, but what if you want to group up all the files in extension categories in order to search folder by file types contained in it? Extension Indexer provides the best solution here. It is an open source, lightweight app which can display specified folder content by file types, i.e by extensions. You can for instance check out all the files which are stored on your desktop to perform operations over Excel sheets, text files, shortcuts (.LNK), etc. You will just have to define the source folder and it will list down all the files by their types, so you can easily perform operations over them. The interface is kept simple with two file operations listed – Move and Delete Selected Files. It will particularly come useful for those who need to clean folders by searching for files by their file types.

To start off, click Select folder to Analyze to select folder. It will immediately create a list of file types at the left side, waiting for user to select extension to perform operations.

Extension Indexer

It shows the total number of files and size for each listed extension. The screenshot shown above displays all APK files from desktop folder with total number of files and size.

A click on extension will reveal all the files which are scattered in different sub folders, making it easier for you to locate them. You can select any file either to move or delete it. Sadly, users can’t specify more than one folder, which I feel is a major drawback.  It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Extension Indexer

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