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Merge Lists, Sort Alphabetically Or Break Them Into Smaller Files

Any information, when presented in a well-organized manner, provides a clear meaning to the reader. Nobody wants to go through some jumbled text blocks that are not making much sense at first glance. Same goes for information compiled in a list. We come across various lists in our everyday life, for instance contacts, emails, songs of an artist, movies, and what not. Lists present information in an easily understandable way, which in turn makes us more productive, especially if it’s related to our work. List Wizard is a Windows application that automatically sorts random text lists in alphabetical order. It also allows you to add multiple lists and merge them into a single file. Furthermore, the utility can remove duplicates and unwanted spaces, replace certain items with user-defined text, remove unneeded lines, add strings, break a large list into smaller files and more.

There’s nothing fancy about the interface, but it’s quite effective and easy to use. The upper section of the tool displays the added files. Each line of text automatically breaks into a single item. To add the files, click the Load button and then select the target file from the Browse window. The application supports most text and document formats including TXT, XML, CSV, DOC etc.

If the list contains some unneeded spaces, lines or duplicates, you can click Prune to instantly get rid of them. In our testing, this feature messed up the current list order. The application only sorts the lists in ascending alphanumeric order. It would have been nice to have the option for sorting in descending order. The Save button allows to save the selected list into a new file, while Clear removes all the lists from the application.

List Wizard

The ‘Convert to Upper’ or ‘Convert to lower’ toggles allow you to change the case of all the list elements.

To change the case of all list elements, simply use the ‘Convert to Upper’ or ‘Covert to Lower’ toggles respectively. The application allows replacing any block of text as well. To do this, simply type the pertaining information in the related field and click Replace. Likewise, you can remove the text occurring after a particular phrase in all the list items via the Remove button. A similar option for removing text before a particular phrase would have been useful too.

Adding strings before and after the lists is also possible; just make sure that you have the required checkmarks enabled before entering the text. Lastly, the application can break a large chunk of information into smaller parts. This option saves each line into a separate text file.


List Wizard is great for manipulating lists but could use some improvements. The ability to manually move any entry anywhere in the list, and manually delete selective entries from the list would have been great. List Wizard is a light-weight application with a memory footprint of just 14MB. It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download List Wizard

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