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Live Downloader [Windows]

We have seen many sort of downloaders, both desktop and as browser extensions that can grab videos from selected sites only. Live Downloader wants to replace them all. It is a desktop tool that can download both streaming video and audio/music regardless of the site they are on.

The way it works in the background makes it one of a must-have tool for users who download a lot of online content. It will sit silently in the background(taking around 5Mb of memory) and notify whenever it detects a streaming content online. You can then download it to any location of your choice.

New Download Test

By default dozen of formats are selected and you will be notified almost on every website. You can control when to be notified by unchecking the formats from the Supported Formats tab.

Supported Formats to download

Once the video or audio is put to be downloaded, it acts like a download manager trying to speed up as much as it can. When compared with other desktop downloaders, Live Downloader is somewhat faster and shows the size more accurately.

Live Download

There is no build-in option to download HD video, the only way is to enable HD when playing a YouTube video or any other video and then download it(upon detection) using this app. Watch the video below to learn how the app works.

When browsing different video hosting sites, the app had no problem whatsoever in detecting and downloading the videos.

Download Live Downloader

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003/2008 Server, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.


  1. Maybe its just me, but completely failed for me on Win7. Re-installed, and nothing, still wouldn't work got like 5 different errors from it. Sounds neat though.

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