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LMMS – Advance Multimedia Studio To Create And Edit Music Sequences

Although we have covered staggering number of lofty music creators in past, to name a few, Jalmus, Forte Free, Mixxx, and Aviary’s Music Creator, they are devoid of features to create and mix one complete music track. Today, we are bringing a professional music creator called LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) into limelight. It is an impeccable multimedia studio which offers a huge set of song editing features, enabling music professionals to create a required musical piece with hundreds of customizable instruments, amateur musicians to brush up on their music editing skills whilst assisting music buffs in limbo between amateurs and pros throughout the whole process of creating and editing different beats effects, drums sequences, instrument sounds, etc., with a long list of pre-included samples.

LMMS sound editing capabilities are no less than one professional music creation tool, since it has been created as a free alternative to famous FL Studio, it caters to all comparable instruments sounds with an complementary piano roll editor, bass and drum sequences, FX mixer, MIDI support, and much more.  As special effects are essential to tweak with sound qualities, it integrates LFO controllers which are responsible for handling wave-form-pattern automation to create an impressive piece of music for live-performances.

The application offers an eye-candy interface with a relative usage complexity, however, once you get the hang of the application, using LMMS becomes fairly easy. Interface is divided into different sections, where you have Song Editor, FX-Mixer, Baseline Editor, and Controller rack on front-end. From left flank you can bring up Instrument Plug-in window, Samples Explorer, intrinsic and saved presets, etc.


If you are a pianist, you will love working with melodies and harmonies using Piano roll editor, which is kept both simple and easy to use. The toolbar contains all the tools and options to create, add and edit musical notes. Other special notes tweaking options, such as, Quantisation and Notes length are also available.


Below you can watch a small demonstration on creating music with LMMS.

LMMS official community offers an extensive documentation which explains each tool and option it has to offer. Being an extensible music creator, it offers many useful plugins as well. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux OS platforms. We tested it on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download LMMS

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