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Lock Your Windows PC While Also Restricting Mouse Cursor Movement

The sad truth about our digital life is that our notebooks, smartphones and tablets now carry an awful lot of information about us and are perfectly capable of revealing it to others unless we’re careful. Emails, login details, credit card information, bank accounts – we now heavily rely our our PCs and gadgets to store all this information, but even the slightest carelessness in protecting this data from intruders can have disastrous consequences. If you often leave your computer unintended at public places or at work, others can end up looking at any information about you without even trying. Mouse Lock is a Windows application that aims to protect your PC by locking the mouse cursor at one place and not letting anyone move it in your absence. It locks the mouse with a custom password, dims down the rest of your screen, and more.

You might ask why would anyone want to use a separate locking solution when Windows already ships with one. Well the interesting bit about Mouse Lock is that unlike Windows’ built-in lock feature, it also locks the mouse cursor, making it completely immovable so that nobody can move it around to execute any other task. Though you can manually select which options you want to turn on or off.

The application itself is very tiny and doesn’t even need to be installed on your computer, as it runs directly from its portable EXE file. When launched, you’re presented with its plain interface that doesn’t carry any complicated set of options. It asks you to enter the password that will be required to unlock the mouse. It may sound weird, but Mouse Lock asks you to enter the password thrice. Once you’re ready, simply click Lock.

Mouse Lock

Mouse lock also provides a few additional settings and lets you configure them under the Advanced window. Here’s the list of options that you are allowed to toggle:

  • Disallow execution  of special software to prevent termination of Mouse Lock
  • Enable Mouse Trap
  • Dim background
  • Disallow moving of window
  • Allow monitoring of password attempts

In addition, it also provides an option to specify the opacity of the screen when Mouse Lock is activated.

Mouse Lock_Advanced

Once your mouse is locked, it become trapped within a password window placed at the center of the screen. You can’t move your mouse, nor are you able to move the window itself. Moreover, the dim area also becomes completely inaccessible. And the only way to unlock your PC is to type in the password and hit the Enter key or click Unlock.


Overall, it’s a really nice and innovative application that keeps others from doing any kind of activity on your computer. Mouse Lock is an open-source application that works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Download  Mouse Lock

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