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Log And Track Project Timelines With d-jon

d-jon is an productivity enhancement application which is developed to measure the time you spend on finishing task or one phase of a big project. Generally bifurcation of tasks/projects into modules/phases is needed, as it helps user in achieving the short-term goals and eventually in meeting the deadlines on time, d-jon assists you in the very same way, letting you distribute the time you will be spending on a project/task to enhance your work productivity. It prompts you at scheduled intervals to keep you focused on defined task/project, so you can achieve the results in timely manner. Since keeping a track of activities you are performing on a project is crucial, it offers an intuitive reporting system which is responsible to log each & every activity you have performed on project as per defined schedule.

One fascinating aspect is that you can keep track of multiple-project activities, there are instances when it is required to spend time on different projects to complete one big main project or when working on two complementary projects has to be done concurrently, it offers a dedicated multiple-project handling mechanism to ensure that nothing will be missed through cracks. Since every feature, option and tool it offer revolves around managing the time efficiently, it offers analyzing the generic project timeline in real-time.

Enter the project name and description to start off with. The main interface has three main panes, the right pane holds all the current project name along with tasks with their respective subtasks, the main window shows the Gantt chart of all the listed tasks, and the bottom pane carries Task Log and Current Time information. The tasks along with their sub-tasks are shown in a detailed hierarchy to streamline each task’s total time.

Once listed, just start recording (click Play button) the task which you want to work on, it will start calculating the time and log the task activities. The Track Window can also be seen over the notification area that lists down the tasks on which you are working on. You can also pause/stop the counter from here.

project proposal - 5

On the toolbar, you have options to edit & delete the task, open existing projects, create a new project, etc. It offers exporting the project details in XML format, so you can also open & view the project details in any other applications (XML supported).

project - 5

Comparatively, it offers more simplicity in managing the time than previously reviewed time management tools – Work Recorder, HourGuard Timesheet Recorder, and EasyTime. If you are looking for an advance time-management application, we reckon you should also try Grindstone.

d-jon worked seamlessly on our Windows 7 x86 testing system. It supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

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  1. Hi Usman, I’m the developer of d-jon and I want to thank you for this great review, a lot of users read you and got a lot ofnew users thanks to this,
    Recently I did a survey to know what d-jon users want from the tool and now I’m working on the report/view system. This project started as a tool to support my fulltime job and now it’s getting so incredible well that I’m amazed how a lot of people had the same problem as me to get a useful tool to track their times.
    Again thanks for your great review and if you have any feedback they’ll be highly appreciated.

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