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Log Time Spent On Tasks With Time Management Software

Time is money, and while working, the time you spend on each task defines how efficient you are. However, one does need the right tools to measure their efficiency, so that you can actually evaluate your performance and improve where the need may be. Or you may be a professional working on hourly basis, and would prefer to keep track of the time spent on a particular activity in order to ensure that your billing remains accurate. This is where HourGuard Timesheet Recorder comes useful.

It is a freeware that has one purpose: allowing you to keep tabs on how much time was spent on what task, without much annoyance or complex settings.

HourGuard Time Sheet

To begin with, the software will ask you to set a default hourly rate at the first run. You can set any rate you like, and it is also possible to have multiple accounts with multiple rates, should you choose to do so.

Hourly Rate

The interface is very easy to understand. You have five menus and five toolbar buttons that are pretty self explanatory. New Task allows you to create a new task and set its parameters, while new entry brings sub-entries to an existing task. Other than that, the user can generate reports or tweak the program’s parameters.

New Task

Usage is very easy as well. Click start when you begin working on a task, and stop when you’re done. The application will store it as a timesheet entry.

The reporting feature provides an accurate view of how you need to charge for your time, will individual task break-ups. Not only that, but also it can be combined with the invoice generation feature of the program, present under the HourGuard menu. Invoices are stored as XML files.


HourGuard works on all versions of Windows OS, right from Windows 7 to the old Windows 98 and ME as well. A version is also available for Mac OS X 10.1 or above. We tested the software on Windows 7 32-bit OS.

Download HourGuard Timesheet Recorder

You may also want to check out Work Recorder and TimeSheet as alternate solutions.

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