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Look Up Details Of Windows Error Codes With WELT

WELT (Windows Error Lookup Tool) is a dead-simple portable tool which shows information pertaining to Windows error codes. In Windows environment, a program exception is generally shown as error code. Besides error codes, it doesn’t show any information about the application crash or program halt. This application will show the details about the error code while allowing you to save a note with the error code to keep a check on.

It offers 3 categories of error codes which are Win32/HRESULTS, NTSTATUS, and STOP Error. You’d just need to enter the error code, specify the category and hit Enter on keyboard. It will show you all the corresponding information about the specified error code.


It shows Status and Facility (of error COM/Non-COM) against the specified error code. In center window, the information is displayed. From the bottom pane, you have an option to save a note with a error code to keep track of the specified type of error.

The application is of great use especially if you’re developing an application and want to find out information regarding each error which pops up during application execution. It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download WELT

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