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Magnify Your Screen In Windows With Magnifixer

Magnifixer is a free magnifier tool for Windows that lets you magnify your screen up to 40x. You can place it anywhere you want, select the size, and choose any zoom level(magnification). It has been made specially for developers and graphic designers. If you are having a hard time reading a small text or you need a detailed view of the graphics you are working on, then this tool is for you.

Just run the tool and it will magnify the area where your mouse cursor resides. You will find 4 simple features on the bottom of the screen, Magnification level, Enable/Disable Magnifixer, RGB Color Values/HTML Codes, and Position of the cursor.

magnifixer main

Options such as Color Display, Update Frequency, Draw CrossHair, Draw Grid, Smoothen Image, Invert Image, and Fixed Location can be accessed by simply right-clicking Magnifixer screen.

magnifixer context menu

By enabling Draw CrossHair, you can get single pixel outline which is a great feature if you are a professional graphic artist. Below is the screenshot of Magnifier with Draw CrossHair and Draw Grid enabled.

magnifixer draw grid


  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Mouse Tracking and Fixed Location View
  • Smoother For Better Visibility and Readability
  • Up to 40x Magnification
  • Color Display: RGB Values or HTML Codes


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