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Graph Made Easy Goes Free; Now Make Beautiful And Attractive Graphs

Graph presents one of the best way to summarize and analyze huge data sets, but sometimes it’s not as easy to plot data on the graphs as doing data entries. Since creating graph of each data set present in data sheet often requires mapping all the related data fields and then choosing the best graph type to represent the extracted data values in a way that can be easily understood by the target audience, many of us choose to depict relationships among data in tabular form instead of plotting them on graphs.

Back in March, we covered free version of Graph Made Easy which somewhat automates the process of creating basic charts and graphs. Back then, Graph Made Easy had two versions. The free version was a stripped down feature-rich version of paid standard version. Now standard version has gone totally free, having absolutely no strings attached. It has also been updated with few small yet useful improvements and graph options, which includes, high quality graphs, graph color schemes and layouts, customizable graph themes, curved lines and line point shape options, Format Painter like functionality along with options to apply defined opacity level over different graph elements.

Just like previous version, it asks you to choose type of graph you want to create and X Axis values, such as, Date and Numbers. A click on New Graph will create a new workspace for you. You can start off with entering graph data by clicking button present underneath New in toolbar. Depending upon the chart type, it asks you to enter the graph data. Graph Made Easy creates your charts and graphs in real-time. For instance, if you select Pie chart, it will start creating chart and legend list as soon as you enter slice values in data entry form.


The chart legend can easily be edited. Just right-click on legend box to bring up its editor. Under Items tab, change the slice name and number. It also lets you selectively hide the chart legend data. For further customization, you can change legend’s font, border and layout from respective tabs.


Chart color, shading, pattern fill is one of the feature that was missing in previous version. Now you can adjust chart shades, apply effects, change opacity, tweak with shading styles, check between different contrast values, etc. It must be noted that you will get to see a whole of different theme presets and options with each chart type.


When you hover mouse pointer over the chart element, it shows the related entered data. For example, it will display slice number, value and percentage in pie chart. Some basic chart related tools are lined up in main navigation bar present in left side, including, chart markers, arrow tool, text label, lasso, and magnifier.

GME main

Chart data related tools can be accessed from Tool menu. Here, you can change canvas background, add specified color, and change size, tweak with Axis Line and Location, define data range, set gridlines and files, and set axis markers.

tools menu

Graph Made Easy has a lot more features to offer. You can check complete feature list on product page. Graph Made Easy works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Graph Made Easy

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