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Make Thunderbird Message Reader Header More Informative

The message reader header is the most important part of the email client. Users guess the whole email only by reading it’s header. By default Thunderbird header shows excerpt of the subject, thus you can’t read the whole subject unless you don’t open the email. If you get lots of the emails and you scan them all by reading their subjects, then it is very easy to miss an important email whose subject is not properly shown.

Header Design is a newly developed plugin for Thunderbird that solves this problem. Just as the name says, it displays a concise view of the message reader header. So what does it do? It can wrap long subject, show the link(if included in the subject), displays message tags, remove message tags, allow search by message tags, and more.

You can easily switch the style between – Icons & Text, Icons, and Text view.

icons and text subject email thunderbird 

Screenshot above is taken from developer’s page

Download Header Design

At the moment it only works with Thunderbird Thunderbird: 3.0pre – 3.1a1pre. Enjoy!

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