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Manage Internal, External & Network-Mapped Drives Using Drive Manager

Each drive that you connect to your Computer, for example the internal hard drive, any external hard drive, USB flash drives etc, has certain data included in it that can be used to identify it. Every time you connect the drive, the information is stored in your computer. However, using the default options provided by Windows does not allow you to fully view this information. Today, we have an application for Windows that lets you view detailed information for any type of drive connected to your computer. Drive Manager is a complete internal, external, network mapped and CD/DVD drive management tool that lets you identify drives in Windows, display volume label and vendor information, show/hide drive letters, view complete hard disk and optical drive information, and scan drives for errors. Information regarding Drive Type, Volume Serial, Capacity, Free Space, Total Clusters, Free Clusters, Partition Type, Number etc. of connected drives can be viewed in Drive Manager. The information is automatically refreshed after every 20 seconds. Moreover, the application lets you benchmark the read speed of, and safely remove, connected drives.

Information about each connected drive is displayed in Drive Manager, along with its corresponding drive letter. The toolbar with buttons for Refresh, Explore, Open CD, Hide, Properties, Disk Info etc, is available at the top, connected drives appear in the middle, while filter options to show or hide Local, Removable, Network, Not Mounted drives etc, are at the bottom.

Drive Manager

Click Disk Info at the top to view detailed information about hard disks, including Drive Type, Capacity, Device Name, Sector information, Partition information etc.

Disk Information

The Checkk Disk button lets you scan the connected hard drives and fix any errors found. The Check if only Dirty and Verbose options further enhance the scanning process.

Check Disk

Right-click on a disk to view the context menu options, including Explorer, Load Media, Eject Media, Lock CD Door, Hide Selected Drive, Search Drives, Defrag, Properties etc.

Drive Manager Context Menu

Other features include creating substitute drive letters for folders and drives, viewing detailed information about optical drives, safely remove connected drives, etc. The complete list can be viewed on the product page. Drive Manager is available in both portable and installable versions, and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Drive Manager

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