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Manage Multiple Shifts Schedule And Employees Availability With CURO

CURO is an Adobe Air application which offers a simple employee management solution for SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) to abet them in maintaining employees record and shift schedules. It allows employer to list down employees availability timings, schedules, and to allocate tasks in multiple shifts to employees. CURO implements an efficient smart scheduling system, which will be of great benefit to owners and managers to organize and schedule workforce in multiple shifts. Recording each employees personnel information with work abilities is utterly simple. Data can be entered in input-forms and through different controls, sliders present for each working day helps you to mark employees availability, so you don’t have to do extensive amount of data entry, just fill in required information, specify availability and it will handle the shift schedules smartly.

On the main interface, it lists down all the employees, however, for the first time you need to enter details of employees including their personnel information, pay rate on monthly/yearly basis, date of joining, designation along with a picture.


Once details are entered, head over to Availability to mark the availability of an employee in question, just move the slider across the available space to let it record the timings.

curo 2

From Vacation, you can specify dates of vacations, so it will automatically exclude those days from working days. Once the information is entered, click Save to list down the employee on main screen. Likewise, you can populate the main list with all the employees information. After adding all the employees into the list, head over to Schedule to add work timings and to specify those employees who will be available.

curo 4

It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, provided you have Adobe Air installed. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download CURO

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