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Manage Redundant And Recurring Email & Forum Replies With Copy Pasta

Internet forums are a great way to hold conversations or discuss an issue you’re facing in order to get help from others with, or related to, the same type of problem, other people are facing. For me, Forums are awesome in many ways. You can ask and share anything you want, while remaining in anonymity. Forums like XDA and 4chan have a huge number of active members, allowing the community to help each other out in times of need. Everyone who is active on any forum knows that generally people don’t search the forums before asking a question, and this results in the same question being asked hundreds of times. This can create quite an annoyance, which leads to even some new and genuine questions, being left unanswered. This also creates problems for administrators and forum moderators to deal with such spams. If you’re facing such nuisance, you can give Copy Pasta a try. It is an open source application that lets you manage your replies in forums to redundant questions, thus saving great deal of time. This can also be useful if you have to reply to emails using the same set of answers over and over. Check out how it works after the break.

Albeit the UI is not something impressive, the application does have potential. The interface is quite simple, and doesn’t confuse users with a lot of options. To add a reply to any question for a forum or an email, you will have to create a new entry first. To create a new entry, select Add Forum, Add Category, Add Thread Type and finally Add Post. All these buttons are available at the right side of the application window, right beneath their respective sections. Enter the corresponding names for each title, and add the desired answer in the right pane. After you are done typing your answer click Save Post to complete the process.

Copy Pasta V0.1

The application doesn’t present any configuration parameters whatsoever, and is basically meant to manage recurring replies only, organized in a neat, easy to find manner. According to the developer, he created it for his personal use, and made public only so others can benefit from it. But overall, Copy Pasta is a wonderful application to quickly cop with redundant answers in one go. Additionally, its a portable tool and quite light on system resources. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. While testing was done on Windows 7 only.

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