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Manage Shortcuts According To Categories With Quick Pop Menu

There are various application launchers available on the internet, each with their own set of features and UI design. Application launchers provide an easy route to access your programs. Earlier, we posted articles about how Coolbarz adds shortcuts on four sides of the screen, and how you can enable beautiful toolbars on the desktop with Gizmo Toolbar. These launchers allow you to easily access applications without opening their specific directories. However, most toolbar applications require users to do a lot of configuration before being able to use them, while most user prefer something simple and easy to use. Should you need a simple looking toolbar application then try Quick Pop Menu. It is a portable shortcut manager that lets you create shortcuts for frequently used applications, and access them with just a click. The application allows you to manage your shortcuts by creating folders for different categories and access them with hotkeys. More on Quick Pop Menu after the break.

Upon first use, you will automatically be taken to the configuration folder of the application. To add a shortcut to Quick Pop Menu, just copy the required shortcut in the folder. Categories can be created to manage and gain easy access to multiple types of shortcuts. Note that the application only recognizes shortcuts and not the actual files, so, only shortcuts should be copied in the directory. The directory for managing shortcuts can be accessed from the Arrange Shortcuts item in the right-click menu of its system tray icon.


Once the shortcuts are added, they can be accessed either by double-clicking the application icon in the system tray, or using the default hotkey (CTRL + Middle Mouse Click).

Quick Pop Menu shortcuts

The Settings menu has options to change default application behavior, such as the the default hot key, icon size, language etc.

Quick Pop Menu Settings

Over all Quick Pop Menu is a nifty little application that is perfect for quickly accessing your frequently used programs. The application supports multiple languages, and is really simple to understand and use. Quick Pop Menu works on both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Quick Pop Menu

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  • markiz

    Is this exact thing not possible by simply organizing your start menu?

    • Ron Jeremy

      Ever heard of the word “alternative’? It looks to me a lot easier than editing and cluttering up your start menu.

    • Ron Jeremy

      Ever heard of the word “alternative’? It looks to me a lot easier than editing and cluttering up your start menu.

      • markiz

        Cluttering?! The start menu is cluttered as it is, because  every app puts it’s program group there. What i do is just copy the actual app shortcuts and erase everything else.

        Sure alternatives are great, but since i know almost nobody takes time to make order in the start menu, I just gave another alternative 🙂

        Plus, i loathe redundancy on a computer.

        Lol, Ron Jeremy 🙂

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