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ManagePC – Administer And Manage System Information & Windows Functions

ManagePC is system diagnostic utility which has been built to provide users with details of all major system components, including BIOS, CPU, Multimedia, Network, Local Drives, and lot more. Even though every Windows OS comes with a build-in System Information tool which gives you elaborated system insight, this application offers enormous information on every PC’s element along with options to remotely view and manipulate different Windows functions, services and processes. According to the developer, it has an ability to retrieve important WMI data from machine, offers Remote Desktop, Remote VNC, and remote machine management via MMC. It is further possible to remotely edit Windows registry, start/stop services, and perform uninstallation of applications. For power users, it brings WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) query builder to create queries for performing required set of actions.

The application interface is neatly designed and offer multiple tabs to view and inspect all aforesaid components. Running it for the first time prompts you to configure the application settings to let it report only selected components, however, you can always change the configuration from Options window. The main interface displays Summary of all the installed system elements ranging from BIOS, CPU, to OS, Network, and so on.


From Service and Processes tabs, you can view all the services and processes respectively which are being active. The Windows Updates tab refers to all applications which are essential to keep your system updated. The Environment tab displays the environment variables that you’ve set, likewise, the Software tab lists all the installed applications on your system. Under Codecs, Disks, and Startup Items, you will get to see all codecs, local and external storages, and startup items respectively.




From Management menu, it lets you open all the Windows administrative controls to administer the Windows general functionality. It also allows user to bookmark Windows functions to launch them quickly.


It offers a list of pre-defined WMI classes, which you can use to query WMI elements. You can access WMI query builder from Tools menu.

WMI classes

The application toolbar holds links for Windows remote Assistance, MMC and registry editor. Here, you can schedule a task by clicking Schedule task button. It offers a simple layout to define task type and scheduling options to schedule a task in question.

task schduler

The application proves to be useful, packaging diverse PC components and functions under one roof. It supports all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

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