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Manga+ Is A Windows 8 Manga Reader App With Character Profiles

If you’ve ever read comics, you’d know how each comic series has their own world with their own cities, background, characters, friends and foes. When it comes to normal cartoons such as the famous Tom & Jerry or Pink Panther etc., there is no need to know the history of each character in order to enjoy an episode; you can just start watching right in the middle of the episode and still have a fun experience. However, when we talk about manga, it’s a different story. Every manga series has its own story, set of characters, teams and history and in order to completely enjoy an episode, you need to know the appropriate information about everything. If you are thinking of watching a new manga that has already had a few episodes or season aired, you will need to catch up on the story. One way is to start watching the series from the start but if you would rather just enjoy the current seasons or episodes, getting to know some history about the characters and series is always a good idea. Manga+ is an app for Windows 8 that allows you to not only read manga but also get detailed information on the characters of each series, including the characteristics of a character, its friends, enemies, teams it was in, and biography.

The main interface of the application allows you to view your recently added manga (this section will be empty till you add a comic to the app), characters from different manga series, teams, and movies based on these characters and series.

Manga  Main

Selecting a character will open up its details including its Powers, Top Teams that it has been a part of, its Top Friends and Top Enemies from all the series it has featured in, and its complete biography.

Manga  Character

You can add a locally saved comic by right-clicking on the main screen and choosing Add Library from the app bar. Select the parent folder where all your comics are to add all of them to the app.

Manga  Library

Click the thumbnails of the added manga to read them and search similar comics for more reading.

Manga  Search

From the main screen, you can also view details of movies based on manga series. Information about each movie includes its Writers, Director, Distributor, Budget, Box Office Revenue, Characters and Description.

Manga  Movies

Manga+ works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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