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Map Serial, Windows MIDI Ports & Load DLS or UDP With Oxmidi

Oxmidi is port to port mapper which can be used to links ports or to load DLS/UDP to send signals over the ethernet. This portable application can be used to link and configure different ports such as a serial port (RS 232, Com port), DirectMidi, Windows MIDI and UDP (over an ethernet). User can select ports such as DirectMidi for better sound quality or to load DLS or UDP to transmit convey via an ethernet. According to the developer, it was originally developed to link serial port (e.g RS232, COM port) to internal Windows MIDI port.

Oxmidi can be accessed from the system tray, from where users can go to the Show option to map ports and monitor the results via Monitor.

System tray

From Show (via the system tray), any two port can be selected and linked. After selecting the relevant ports, click Connect to link them. User profiles can also be managed via the New (for new profile), Save (to save a profile and Delete (to delete an existing profile) buttons.


The Toub MIDI and Sanford MIDI options can be used to link numerous instruments (by selecting a device from the MIDI Devices section). It is however, worth mentioning here that DirectMidi does not currently work with Windows 7. And the current version supports NoteOn and NoteOff commands.


Oxmidi works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Oxmidi

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