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Mareew Free Eraser Deletes Files Permanently From Hard Drive

Mareew Free Eraser is an application that pledges to remove files without leaving any traces back and make them completely non-recoverable. Deleting the file in orthodox way does leave some traces and let anyone retain data back by using a staunch data recovery tools. According to the author, it is especially built keeping in mind the importance of maintaining confidentiality of the data even after deleting it from the system.

As far as application is concerned, interface is quite spruced-up and offers a navigation bar at left flank to easily navigate through different locations. The main window also contain a pull-down menu to quickly select the folder to delete file(s) from. Usage is pretty simple, all it requires is to specify a file which you want to remove from the system and click Delete File button.

Mareew Free Eraser2

The application has no further options and features, it is solely designed to remove the data permanently. However, the developer seems confident enough about the deletion mechanism it uses. The application is not vocal at all in terms of interactivity. It shows absolutely no prompt for confirming action neither displays any information regarding deletion of file.

Application runs on all Windows based OS, we tested it on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download Mareew Free Eraser

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