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Maximize Active Application Windows To Remove Empty Space Between Them

Adjusting multiple windows can become quite a headache when your are working with more than 3 applications at a time. Even though we have covered a lot of tools in the past that makes it easier to quickly adjust windows, such as, WinNumpad Positioner, WinSplit Revolution, Window Manager, and AltDrag, none of them offers filling up empty/available space between windows. WinMixumumize is a tiny portable application which does noting except adjusting windows in a way that all the empty space on the screen gets filled.

Without conflicting with Windows native AeroSnap adjusting functions, it comes with default hotkey combination – Ctrl + F1 which can be changed from system tray menu.


In the screenshot below, you can notice that after making use of it, application windows seem spanned according to available space creating more extra space for other application windows. Notice that all three windows are connected, eliminating the empty space between them.

photo 2

We believe that its real usage can be seen with multi-monitor setup where adjusting a set of active application windows is a mess. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 and was tested on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download WinMaximumize

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