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mCheck – Free Lightweight Task Management Software

mCheck is a small task management software that allows user to manage tasks easily. Unlike other confusing to-do task managers, it is simple, quick, and easy-to-use. Just head over to File > New, enter the task title, tags, priority, and other details. When done, click OK and it will be added instantly to the list.

mCheck add task

Once it has been added to the list, you can edit it later, remove it from the list, or mark it as complete, all by right-clicking the selected task.

task management software

The items completed and those left to be completed along with the overall progress are shown in the status bar. It also supports system tray reminders but is disabled by default. Head over to Edit > Preferences and check Obstructive mode(Alerts every 15 minutes about the incomplete items) to enable reminders.

Download mCheck

This simple app has been developed on Java and works on all Windows OS. According to the developer, the next version will also support sorting by tags, title, and priority. Enjoy!


  1. I think it has too few features to be rather popular and which is more important you can not use it for team work. I can say that I  am using comindware task management system which is so nice just for team work.

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