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MediaTab Adds Advanced Audio/Video Information Tab In File Properties

MediaTab uses MediaInfo libraries to analyze media files and extract audio/video related information. Unlike MediaInfo, which shows multimedia information in a separate window, it integrates with Windows Explorer file Properties dialog box so you can quickly view detailed information of media file in question. The application doesn’t offer a separate interface to browse media files; once installed, right-click the media file, select Properties, and switch to newly added MediaTab tab to view video and audio codecs information, default aspect ratio for video files, video resolution, bitrate, meta tag information, encoded information and lot more.

After the application is installed, you may have to restart Windows Explorer in order to integrate a new tab in File Properties dialog. When done, simply right-click a media file whose information is to be extracted and go to Properties.

By default, MediaTab shows basic media information, such as format, file size, duration, bitrate, duration, video information (frame rate, aspect ratio, stream size, bit depth, colorimetry, etc.), and audio codec details (format, format version and profile, codec, bitrate mode, channel, sampling rate, interleave duration and more).

properties main

The Tree view lets you collapse/expand general, audio, and video details. You can, for instance, view all the audio information by collapsing both general and video sections.

properties main 1

MediaTab has the ability to extract advance media information from selected file. When you click Advanced, it will render the media file again to get extra audio, video, and general multimedia file information.

properties main 2

Additionally, you can export and copy media information to Windows clipboard in Text, HTML, and BBCode format.

html format

MediaTab offers a relatively more convenient way to analyze media files than MediaInfo. You can use tools like MediaTab to check the encoding issues, codecs pack required for media files, and to verify the quality of converted media files by extracting numerous audio and video parameters through it.

MediaTab runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.

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  1. i had to do a system restore recently , before when i recently got this program i don’t know what i did but i was able to get the program to integrate it’s media gathering abilities with windows’s property viewer cause i was able to right click a file and go into details tab and for files that windows can’t gather detailed media info on like flv files it showed rather extensive media info , and this was using the same format that window’s property window used

    now after the restore i can’t seem to get the program to do that again , or even get it to make it’s own info tab in the properties windows like it says it can
    however i did enable it to show the media properties in the tools i think it said , basically when i bring the courser over the media and windows brings that mini pop up window showing some info about the file it now tells me the basic media properties there , which is more convenient than always needing to go into a file’s properties to see it’s properties , still though some assistance in this would be nice……

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