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medit – Fully Configurable Programming Text Editor With Multiple Panes

medit is an open source text editor that comes with a number of useful options to help developers edit their code files with convenience. It provides configurable syntax highlighting, keyboard accelerators, with the option to use C and Python based plugins (which can be built by any third-party developer). The most significant option in medit includes the option to view multiple panes simultaneously by aligning them in horizontal and vertical format. You can also create groups for specific text files for easy sorting them according to defined categories. medit is a tab supported text editor and has versions available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.

The top toolbar on the main interface of medit provides verbose cut, copy, past, undo, redo options, along with a search button to search for text according to regular expressions. There are two button located on the right-hand side of the Medit interface namely, File Selector and File list. The former allows you to explorer your local drive to search and open files which you may wish to edit. You can also use the Filter option at the bottom of the interface to quickly lookup required files from your local drives. The buttons toolbar located within the File Selector pane allows you to explore files to and from folders within a partition, whereas, the Bookmark button enables you to bookmark directories.

Main Interface

Using the Filter List option, you can create Groups and list files within them. Groups can be added, removed or renamed via right-click context menu options.

File List

Although many of the features available in medit are also available in similar text editors, medit provides some viewing options which makes it unique. For example, it allows splitting the text editor within multiple panes which makes it convenient to analyze the text document. You can split the text edit in multiple horizontal and vertical panes. The below screenshot is an example of how medit can be divided in numerous panes for ease of visibility and text editing.


medit works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac, Linux and Unix.

Download medit

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