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Mention: Monitor Web Activity For A Brand/Company Name Or Keyword

Have you ever wondered what other people have been thinking or saying about you, your company or your favorite brand on the internet? Mention is a free online service that lets you add all types of alerts that you want to be informed about. It has been designed to gather your mentions (specified keywords) from all over the web including social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc), forums, blogs, news sites, video & image sharing platforms and whatnot, and present them in form of feeds. It automatically organizes all the gathered information into feeds, letting you easily read and navigate through the sources, where your mentions were collected from. Apart from Mention desktop client, you can also choose to configure its web application to monitor your mentions’ (specified keywords) usage from your favorite browser.

To get started, the first thing you need is a mention account; just launch the application and sign up for the service by specifying email address and password. If you already have an account, enter your email (username) and password, and then click Login.


Being a connoisseur of beauty, I really admire the way this tool looks and feels. It offers a sleek and aesthetically pleasing user interface. The first time you enter the main interface, it asks you to create your first alert. Just enter its Name, Keyword (including alternative keywords and non-related keywords), Language, Source type etc. You can also set blocked URLs in case you don’t want to be notified about various phishing scams. When you’re done, click Save to add your alert to the list. You can add as many alerts as you want, though there is a limit of one thousand mentions per month in the free plan.


Your mentions are monitored in real-time, which means they get added and updated continuously. You can view your alerts in terms of categories or choose to display them at one place. As more and more mentions get added, the remaining quota of the month including number of days remaining, gets updated and you can see it at the bottom left of the application window.

Mention also lets you invite your friends to use this service, therefore giving you extra mentions each month. Inviting each new friend rewards you with one hundred additional mentions for free. Other features include adding mentions to your Favorites, and deleting them entirely. When you trash any mention, the application’s built in Anti-Noise technology (if enabled from Settings) automatically tries to delete similar mentions, a nice feature to save you some time that you would’ve spent deleting each unrelated mention individually.

You get as many as one thousand mentions to be alerted about each month for free, although you can increase this quota anytime by purchasing any paid plans, starting from $9.99/month. The desktop client is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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