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Merge Outlook 2010 Storage & Folders Within Specified Date Range [Add-in]

Outlook 2010 saves emails, notes, tasks and other items in folders, which can be easily copied/moved within the email account storage or to other Outlook 2010 storages from folder right-click context menu. If you’re managing multiple email accounts in Outlook, you may want to merge folders or entire email account storage into specified storage to easily organize archives of required email accounts. Merge Storage is an add-in for Outlook that allows merging storage and folders to specified location. You can save the merge jobs and run them any time you want. It lets you choose source storages/folders and destination storage for performing the merge operation. Additionally, you can specify the start and end dates to merge only specific content to defined storage. For instance, you can merge all the emails, notes, journal of last year (01 Jan 2011 – 31 December 2011) to a separate location.

Just like previously covered Remove Duplicate Contacts, it requires you to create an account on OutlookFreeware.com to download the add-in, as well as OutlookFreeware.com runtime. It’s advisable to close Outlook before you install the add-in. Once installed, launch Outlook and navigate to OutlookFreeware,com tab, and click Merge Storages.


It opens a separate dialog to configure the merge operation. Click Configure and choose the storages/folders you want to merge.

merge storage 1

Once done, specify the target location where specified storages/folders will be merged. Now specify the date range by selecting start and end date from built-in calendar. By default, it copies the content from source to target storage, but you can enable Move source items instead of copying option to move the selected items.

merge storage main

Once all settings are in place, click Save to save the configuration. Hitting Run will start the merge operation.


It must be noted that if you’ve selected IMAP accounts, then it may require an active internet connection to merge the items and make required changes. Once the operation is completed, it shows the errors encountered during the operation. You should open the target location to check whether it successfully copied/moved all the required items from source to target location or not. Merge Storages works on both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

Download Merge Storages

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