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meta-iPod Uses Metadata To Clean Up Your iTunes Library

meta-iPod, the iTunes Library Cleaner, clears away clutter from your iTunes. The application analyzes the computer’s music data sources to detect any missing files or folders. Additionally, it is also capable of tracking down any mismatched track labels by comparing the file metadata and iTunes database. Based on play/skip counts of any track, you can easily rate all your iTunes library tracks. If you’re fond of album art, meta-iPod offers to search for and download artwork that matches the tracks in any folder. Above all, the application allows users to detect and remove duplicate tracks in your iTunes library without any hassle.

The application offers many different features, such as Auto Ratings, No Location Tracks, Mismatched Metadata, Better Metadata, Lost Tracks, Duplicate Tracks and No Album Art Tracks, which help organize your iTunes library.

meta ipod 2

To start off, click Start Analyzing Data Sources. Wait for the application to analyze your computer’s music data sources. The options will activate only after data sources have been analyzed.

meta ipod 3

Click Auto Ratings to let the application rate your tracks. Rating is based on play counts and skip counts analysis.

meta ipod 4

To enable auto-ratings, just click Accept All.

meta ipod 5

Click No Location Tracks to fix iTunes’ tracks with no location (non-existant tracks). If you want to delete tracks with no location, just click Delete no-location tracks.

meta ipod 6

Click Lost Tracks to search for songs in your PC that are not in iTunes library. To update your iTunes library with these tracks, just click Import checked track(s) to iTunes.

meta ipod 7

Click Fix Duplicate Tracks to remove similar tracks from your iTunes library. Click Auto-suggest tracks to delete to automatically remove duplicate tracks.

meta ipod 8

Customize your iTunes tracks with album art. Click No Album Art Tracks to search for tracks without album art. As a new window pops up, just click Auto-spread art to update tracks with matching artwork automatically.

This is a useful program that offers several features to manage your iTunes library. Since most of the applications are automated, this program is suitable even for layman users.

The application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7; testing was carried out on x86 system.

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