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metapad Is Small, Fast, And Free MS Notepad Alternative

In the past, we have covered many third-party text-editors aiming to replace Windows Notepad, to name a few, RJ TextEd, TextRoom, LetterPress, ConTEXT, EditPad Lite, and World Wide NotePad. We did not mention Notepad++ since we all know how popular it is. Today, we are bringing metapad into limelight. It has come a long way since its first release in 2001, offering a huge set of new and interesting features in latest version –  3.51. While it covers everything which Windows NotePad has to offer, it is also compounded with features like persistent windows placement, 10 buffers for quick rendering, adding unlimited amount of favorites, intuitive find and replace functions while providing a long list of hotkeys. Since it has web browser direct viewing capability with support for many programming languages syntaxes, it would suit users who need to perform daily web maintenance tasks.

Moreover, it supports dual customizable font with user-defined tab stop settings, auto-indentation, go-to-line function, and many others. The main interface is nicely designed, in main toolbar you can access all the major features, including font swapping, primary & secondary viewer, etc.

new file - metapad

Under Edit menu, you can access all the search and editing related options, such as, Find next word, Replace, Insert date/time stamps, Block indent & quote, Strip first character, Unwrap, Insert file, and so on.

edit menu

The Options menu refers to toggle application generic behaviors, you can enable/disable transparency, HTML links, Word wrap, and toolbar & status bar. Click Settings to further tweak the available options.


Other notable aspects are;

  • Dirty file notification
  • Optional Quick Exit (Esc key)
  • Seamless UNIX text file support
  • Recent files list
  • Over 30 customized UI language plug-ins

Considering the range of features it brings, metapad now seems a serious contender for Windows Notepad and we reckon you giving it a shot. It works with all versions of Windows, testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download metapad

[via How-to-Geek]

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  • alex

    I think Notepad++ is better !

    • Charles

      Agree with you Alex!

      • Maks

        me too