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Metro Cheat: Get Classic Start Menu Without Losing Metro UI In Windows 8

Since the release of Windows 8 developer’s preview, there has been a debate among users regarding the utility of the Metro UI and its elements. For those users who did not like the Metro UI, tweaks such as the Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle were introduced shortly after the pre-beta release of Windows 8. However, it appears that it is not the Metro UI itself, but the start menu of the said interface, that has mostly annoyed users. Metro Cheat is a portable application, which allows you to acquire the Windows 7 style classic start menu, while keeping other Metro features intact (e.g.,  the new Task Manager, Explorer Ribbon and Metro Apps). Before using this tweak, please make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is disabled, as the application will not be able to auto start if UAC is even partially enabled.

Jut download Metro Cheat application from the link given at the end of this post, and run it as administrator. This will give you the classic start menu while retaining the Metro UI featues.

Metro Cheat (2)

It is worth mentioning here that, during testing, we experienced some issues with Metro Cheat on a Windows 8 64-bit operating system (Developer’s Preview). Users seem to have mixed reactions regarding this application, while it seems to be working for some users, it is currently not working for others. The problem can perhaps be associated with compatibility issues related to Windows 8 64-bit versions.

Download Metro Cheat

[via intowindows]


  1. MS forbade anyone from having the Win XP style Classic Start Menu, in Windows 7.
    You said –
    “which allows you to acquire the Windows 7 style classic start menu”

    MS deliberately ran us off the road (by refusing to allow Classic Start Menu)
    And you are tooting the horn at us, in the ditch (by saying “Windows 7 style classic start menu”)

    Please do not ever again, refer to win 7 Start Menu as Classic Start Menu.

  2. Cool trick. I really wanted the classic Start menu but loved the Metro UI too. Perfect fix. Thanks for sharing.

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