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Metrogram Live: Windows 8 Instagram Viewer With A Pin To Start Option

Photo sharing is the craze these days with a lot of social networks, file sharing services, web applications and mobile apps gaining their fame by offering the ability to upload and share images with others, Instagram being the most famous example of this. The popularity of Instagram lies in the variety of filters that can be applied to an image, giving it the look as if it was shot with a professional camera. Previously, we have covered a third-party Instagram client for Windows 8 called Wingram that allows you to access and manage your Instagram account. However, it is a paid application and for those of you looking for a free alternative, we’ve found Metrogram Live. It is a Modern UI-based Instagram client that allows you to view different public image feeds, view new images from your followers and the people you are following, search for images, and pin your favorite images to the Start Screen. It also features a live tile for your Start Screen.

When you launch Metrogram Live, you will be shown a feed of Popular images by default. Each image tile is displayed with its description written over it.

MetroGram Popular

You can simply select an image to open it, but you will be required to login using your Instagram username and password when opening an image for the first time.

MetroGram Login

When you log in to the app, you will be able to see the details page for the selected image, along with the number of likes and comments it has received. You can like the image, read the comments left by others, and leave your own comments on the picture.

MetroGram Comment

Each image can be pinned to the Start Screen, giving you quick access to its details page without having to launch the application first.

MetroGram Pinned

Bring up the app bar to access its home page, search for images, and open the list of your followers or the people you are following. You can also refresh the currently open stream by tapping Refresh in the lower-right corner.

MetroGram App bar

The home page is divided into different categories including User Liked, Recent, Self Feed and My Network. Selecting a category opens it up, allowing you to view all images included in it.

MetroGram Home

The Search function allows you to look for images related to a particular keyword. Just open the Search Charm and enter the keyword to list all related images.

MetroGram Search

You can view alphabetically sorted lists of all the people following you and the ones you are following, by choosing the corresponding options from the app bar. Clicking the pink buttons will directly take you to usernames starting with the corresponding alphabet in the list.

MetroGram Following

Metrogram Live works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, and you can grab it for free using the following link.

Get Metrogram Live from Windows Store

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