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MF Shutdown Manager: Schedule System Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate & Perform Other Related Tasks

Scheduling system shutdown and other system functions comes in handy especially when you’re downloading or installing a big package which doesn’t require much attention but a lot of time. In such situations, MF Shutdown Manager may lend a helping hand to schedule system shutdown, locking workstation, system restart, hibernate, toggle monitor off/on and lot more. It lets user set a timer to trigger the specified task and offers numerous other useful features such as; system cleanup, monitor power saving, etc.

Timer can be set in two modes Relative and Absolute. if you’re sure about task finishing time then you can opt Absolute, otherwise Relative is always an option. The Interface is quite simple and friendly in terms of usage. Options and Features are expanded on the right-side bar and Timer can be started from the main window. You’d require to specify any Task from the provide list and configure settings lying beneath. Once you’ve specified a task and all other settings are in place. Click Start Timer to start the countdown.

mf shutdown1

You can also trigger Windows functions such as; Shutdown, Restart, Standby, Hibernate, Log Off, Monitor Off, Lock Windows right from the application by clicking appropriate buttons present at right-side. Clicking Configure button will lead you to advance settings and configuration window, where you can perform multitude of disk cleaning operations, set alarm, toggle Monitor Off/On, set Wake up time, and specify a application to be executed after a specified time.


It is an efficient application to schedule system shutdown and other related tasks. The simple interface will let you promptly schedule several actions whilst facilitating with other complementary tasks to be performed alongside.

It runs on all Windows based OS, testing was carried out on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download MF Shutdown Manager

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