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Microsoft Excel 2010 Columns

Microsoft Excel is the most prominent and widely used spreadsheet program. One of the basic elements of the spreadsheet application is the column, which contains our data, and a spreadsheet consists of columns. We identify different pieces of data in the spreadsheet as columns.

Juts like in the following screenshot, A, B, C, etc are all columns.


Lets see how we can perform different operations with columns in Microsoft Excel 2010.

How To Add A Single Column To your Excel Sheet ?

Right-click the column, adjacent to  which you wish to add another column, and choose Insert, a new column will be inserted to the left of the selected column.

Insert Column

How To Add Multiple Columns to a Spreadsheet

In the column header, select the number of columns that you wish to add to your excel sheet, if you want to add 2 columns then select two columns, right click and choose Insert, you will find 2 new columns added to your spreadsheet.

Insert Two Columns

How To Delete Column(s) From a Spreadsheet

In many cases, you don’t need any particular column, here are the steps to remove any column(s) from your Excel worksheet. Select the columns, right click and choose Delete.

Delete Column

Hide/Unhide Column(s) In a Spreadsheet

If you wish to hide/unhide any particular column(s) in your excel sheet, select the column(s), right-click and choose the Hide or Unhide option.

Hide unhide Column

How To Freeze the First Column

Excel lets you freeze the first column of the spreadsheet so that you can keep the first column visible while scrolling through the rest of the worksheet. In order to freeze the first column in Excel 2010, click the View menu, then click the Freeze Pane option and choose Freeze First Column.

Freez First Column

Adjusting the Column Width

The simplest way to adjust the width of the column is to simply drag it from the corners. Additionally it can also be done by going to the Home menu and Format > Column Width option.

Column Width


  1. How do I narrow down a column that has multiple entries of companies to a column that only includes one entry of a certain company among many others?

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