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Microsoft Office 2010 Converter

Gone are the days when we needed 3rd party tools to convert Word documents , Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to other formats. The Microsoft Office team has finally added useful formats to which you can convert your documents. Yes, Office 2010 has a build-in converter and is no other than the ‘Save As’ option.

Want to convert your document and spreadsheet to PDF format, simply head over to File Menu(Office Backstage) and hit ‘Save As’ option. Now select the PDF format from the ‘Save as type’ list.

Word 2010 Save As

Excel 2010 Save As

PowerPoint 2010 Save As

You can also save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in OpenOffice formats, i.e, OpenDocument Text(.odt), OpenDocument Spreadsheet(.ods), and OpenDocument Presentation(.odp) among many others.

Excel 2010 supports the largest number of formats to convert your spreadsheet into, followed by Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010.


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