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Microsoft Office OneNote 2010: What’s New?

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook which provides one single place to gather all your notes and information. It also offers a very powerful build-in search to find what you are looking for quickly as well as improved collaboration feature. Lets see what new enhancements have been made in OneNote 2010.

Office Integration

OneNote 2010 offers a new exciting feature, that it has been integrated into other famous Office 2010 applications as well. Now you can access OneNote directly from Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and Outlook 2010. Simply hit the OneNote button located under the Home menu of these applications.

Office Integration One Note

BackStage view

Just like other Microsoft Office 2010 products, OneNote 2010 also offers enhanced functionality in the Office button(File Menu). The Office button is highly customizable as well.

OneNote 2010 Ribbon

Enhanced Sharing Tool

OneNote 2010 includes many great sharing tools which makes this application more effective for research. It also includes the ability to email OneNote pages, support for multiple authors sharing notebooks, and page versioning etc. All of these options can be found under the Share menu.

Share OneNote 2010

Audio Tools

OneNote 2010 offers the option to record meetings directly into OneNote if you have a microphone attached to your laptop. Go to the Insert menu and you will be able to see the audio and video recording tools here.

OneNote Recording

Improved Drawing Tool

OneNote 2010 offers many enhanced tools which let you draw diagrams and different types of images in almost no time.

Drawing OneNote

Its good to see that Microsoft is paying attention to the advancement of the OneNote application, just like the other major office applications. OneNote is one of the most underlooked app in Office suit, it recieved quite some attention in Office 2007 and Microsoft is planning to give it a little more visibility in Office 2010. Integrating OneNote in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is just the beginning. Enjoy!


  1. umm, how do you send some art work from microsofts to a usb or how do you save it cause i just drew a really cool thingo for homework and i don’t know how to not delete it !?!??! please i need help 🙂

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