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Microsoft Office Project 2010 Viewer

There are Word viewers, Excel viewers, PowerPoint viewers, PDF viewers, and so many other methods to view different formats for free. One app however is left in the dark and that is no other then Microsoft Office Project. There are limited number of desktop tools to view Microsoft Project(.mpp) files but they are all paid apps.

We first reviewed Projec.to, an online service which can be used to view and share Microsoft Project files publicly. It had a huge disadvantage since anyone could view confidential projects. Having a free cross-platform Microsoft Project viewer is a must for small companies who cannot afford to install Office on every computer, also most co-workers these days use different operating systems.

MOOS Project Viewer is the only cross-platform desktop Microsoft Project Viewer(that we know of) that is entirely free with no strings attached. Apart from the default Microsoft Project file .mpp, it also supports .mpt and .xml formats.

Project Viewer

Screenshot taken from developer’s page

It is build for Microsoft Project 2000, 2003, and 2007, but works seamlessly with Project 2010 as well since the format has stayed the same.

There are multiple view types for better visualization, such as, Gantt Chart, Task Sheet, Resource Sheet, Resource Usage, Tracking Gantt, and Calendars. You can print any view and share it with your staff, friends, and co-workers.

According to the developer, it supports Wide Gantt Chart timescale range(from minutes to years), shows critical path, deadlines, and baselines. You can also Show/hide, re-arrange and resize columns per view.

It works on every Java enabled platform, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, Mac OS X, and Linux are all supported. There are separate installers given for Windows, Mac, and Linux which can be grabbed from the homepage.

Download MOOS Project Viewer

Extra Note: Microsoft Project is always said to be part of Office suite but was never included in Office until Office 2010 beta 1. We can expect Microsoft Project to ship as part of Office 2010 suite in June.

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  • qbaas

    what about openProj ? It is Opensource, opens all MPPs and It even is good to use without installing it ?

    • jerryjacobson06

      ValleySpeak is the best alternative , I think you can try that…

    • Bobby

      Hi Anders
      You forgot to mention projectsimple, which is free and is also great.
      You can get it from http://www.msprojecttools.com/projectsimple.aspx
      you can also open mpp 2010.

  • The top three project viewers are Seavus, Steelray and LiveProject. They are not all free, but quite affordable none-the-less. That may be a nice alternative?

  • terryausten

    We use ValleySpeak Project Server, Through this MPP viewer, team members get easy browser access for centralized project data while allowing project managers to publish, execute and control projects in real time


  • jerryjacobson06

    ValleySpeak Project Server allows the Project Managers to use Microsoft Project as a Managing tools in real time. It enables me to view and share the Microsoft Project schedules with team members in real time

  • jerryjacobson06

    ValleySpeak Project Server is a application software that displays data stored in a computer file in a human-friendly form. Microsoft Project (or MSP) is a project management.

  • jerryjacobson06

    In ValleySpeak Project Server Only Team Members of your choice have privileges to be able to make changes to the project status details

  • mirela

    OK guys (especially jerryjacobson06) we got your message… no need to spam.

  • downloadsversion

    We use ValleySpeak Project Server, Through this MPP viewer, team members get easy browser access for centralized project data while allowing project managers to publish, execute and control projects in real time

  • Greg Mundi

    you should chek project viewer central(www.projectviewercentral.com) as they offer few microsoft project viewer solutions for pc and web server/sharepoint


  • John

    I use project to pdf online converter at http://www.freepdfconvert.com
    You can’t change anything in PDF but it is enough to read a project file without installing anything.

  • Denis

    http://www.amiproject.com is a free on-line viewer of MS Project files

  • K. Mushi

    how many tasks and resources can microsoft project 2010 handle

  • Hollydel

    Am I missing something?  I went to the MOOS Project Viewer website and it isn’t free, it is $25.00

    • Tiberiu Ghioca

      The product was free up to version 1.0. Now it is not free anymore
      since more powerful features were added including support for MS Project
      2013 files.