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Migratr: Download And Upload Photos To Image Sharing Services

Gone are the days when you had to share photos through email attachments or sending them via IM clients like Yahoo messenger or MSN messnger. Now we have plethora of photo sharing websites that makes it easy to share photos around the globe. There are various photo sharing services available such as Flickr, Picasa etc., each with their own features. The problem however arise should we need to move our pictures database from one photo sharing website to the other. Obviously, it would be a time-taking procedure to download each image one by one and then upload it to the other site. Even when you have to upload images from your computer can take great deal of time. To save you from all this, we have an application for you called Migratr , which helps youMigratephotos from one photo service site to another, right from your desktop. It is a simple application that enables you to move pictures to popular photo sharing services including Flickr, Google Picasa, Phanfare, Photobucket, Gallery2, SmugMug, Zenfolio, 23HQ and Zooomr. While migrating all your photos, Migratr also transfers images’ metadata (title, rating, author, camera maker and model, etc.). Additionally, the application supports downloading images from supported services to specified location.

The application comprises off a simple interface and wizard based design. After launch, all you need is to follow the steps (six in total) listed on the main interface to configure, download and upload images to online image sharing services. In Step 1, choose a service which you want to authenticate for downloading images.

Migratr Step 1

Clicking Authenticate will open selected service webpage for gaining access permission. Once done, click Finish Authentication in Step 2 tab. In the succeeding step (step 3), click Import and select the destination folder where you want to download the pictures.

Migrator Import Images

The sub-sequent steps deal with uploading images to online web services. In Step 4, select the photo sharing service where you want to upload the pictures and click Authenticate. After authorizing the application, click Finish Authentication in Step 5. In Step 6, select your image folder and then choose the pictures that you want to upload t0 selected image sharing service. On clicking Start Export, it will start uploading your images and you’re done.

Migrator Export Complete

During testing, the application worked flawlessly; we downloaded and uploaded images without facing any issues whatsoever. So Migratr is an excellent time saver if you need to migrate your pictures between multiple sites. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Migratr

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