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Minimize All Windows To Hide In System Tray

In Windows 7, you can minimize and restore all windows with a simple hotkey, Windows + D, but minimizing to the taskbar is never a good idea since anyone can check the open windows and programs. There are many apps that can hide windows to the system tray, what makes Minime different is that it hides all windows inside a simple icon which doesn’t look much suspicious.

This could be useful for netbook users who want to save space in the taskbar or can act like a Panic button (Boss key) for an average user. The application itself has no interface and sits in the system tray.

minimize windows to taskbar[5]

Users need to set two hotkeys from Options before using this app. Open any window and hit the minimize hotkey to minimize it to the program’s system tray context menu, do this for all the windows you need to hide. Hit restore hotkey to restore all hidden windows or you can open a specific window from the program’s context menu in the system tray.


Works on all versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 7.

Download Minime

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