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Minimize Windows Live Mail To System Tray

Windows Mail Minimizer is a small tool that minimizes the Windows Live Mail to system tray instead of Windows taskbar. The latest version supports Windows Live Mail and Windows 7.

The sole task of this tool is to run in the background and minimize Windows Live Mail to system tray and provide some basic options from the context menu; New email, Send/Receive Email, and Settings.

The most important options for advanced users is the command line support, use /minimized to minimize email client automatically when WLM starts, use /live to support Windows Live Mail in Windows Vista, and use /hide to hide the tray icon when WLM is restored.

Windows Live Mail Minimizer

Please note that the New Email option in context menu, when clicked, will open any email client that has been set as default. If you want to make full use of this tool, then make sure Windows Live Mail is set as your default mail client. Testing was done on Windows 7 32-bit.

Download Windows Mail Minimizer


  1. To minimize any apps to the tray I just use Actual Window Minimizer. It really minimize ANY application. Also it allows to hide minimized apps into AWM’ menu in the tray.

  2. I have posted it on Ghacks, where it has appeared originally, and I will post this comment here, as well.

    Wait… Are you serious? Are you really trying to say that “it is not possible to minimize the program to the system tray” and only “the portable software Windows Mail Minimizer” will minimize this mail client?!! C’mon… Is this a site for n00bs?

    Run Windows Live Mail client in Vista compatability mode. Select “Hide window when minimized” option when you right-click on the Windows Live Mail icon in the System Tray. End of story.

    • This app is not for minimizing the Windows Live Mail but also providing the options from system tray context menu. The default system tray icon of WLM does not provide any options.

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